Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority

02-04 February, 2024
(Friday to Sunday)

Abu Dhabi Youth Challenge Techstars Startup Weekend

The Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority and Techstars are calling all local entrepreneurs with an idea to tackle challenges in early childhood development. Build a startup. Discover a community. Build your professional development through an amazing internship. All at #ADYC2024


Your Idea in 54 Hours!

Learn how to think, work and build like a startup in 54 thrilling hours. ADYC Techstars Startup Weekend is an exciting and immersive experience into the world of startups. Over an action-packed three days, you’ll meet the very best founders, mentors, investors and partners to show you what it takes to start your own business!

Participants will work together over a period of 54 hours to pitch ideas for new startups, form teams around those ideas, work to develop a working prototype or demo and finally, present their work to a panel of judges.

The top three teams will be receiving prizes of up to AED 30,000 to continue working on their startups!

Connect with other creators

ADYC Techstars Startup Weekend is a great place to connect with passionate people driven to build something new. There is no better place to meet new potential founders, friends, colleagues, mentors and more.


Start something great

Knowing you’re not alone can make all the difference. ADYC Techstars Startup Weekend provides participants many opportunities to engage and connect with like-minded individuals — and truly start something amazing.


Learn from the best

Learn what it really takes to innovate, disrupt and start a company from people who’ve been there. ADYC Techstars Startup Weekend features deep experiential learning guided by an experienced hand.


Improve your knowledge

You need more sector-specific skills and knowledge to take things to the next level. ADYC Techstars Startup Weekend also offers participants an internship opportunity with the startups at the Anjal Z Techstars Founder Catalyst Program!

The Challenges